Monday, May 19, 2008

Well....I thought we'll start with a post, after all!!

A Grand Welcome to all reader!!

We are a bunch of amateur economists who believe we can make business and finance much easier for the common man. True Indians at heart, we'll tell you how global financial news affects the average Indian and the consequences of the Agriculture Budget, to name a few.

We shall look to explore new economic theories and business jargon in our endavour and explain the same in the blog.

So accompany us on our journey [ i hope it'll be really long ] and bookmark this blog - myfinancepage , which is just another weblog.... but we'll show whats the difference - with our articles, up to date financial gossip, company takeover stories and lots more.

Feel free to comment whenever you like. If you comment, we'll feel half our job is done in trying to satisfy your financial appetite.

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