Friday, June 27, 2008

Bill Gates Quits Microsoft! Steve Ballmer to step up

Bill Gates shall no longer be in-charge of day-to-day operations at Microsoft. Steve Ballmer is likely to essay that role (executive charges) while Gates shall stay onboard as Chairman. It is apparent from interviews given by Gates that he shall not take his 'foot of the pedal or hand of the wheel' at Microsoft.He shall still have considerable say or sway rather over all major decisions.He shall work only once a week for Microsoft most probably with only the top level people.He will not as before take under his charge all projects but rather distribute his efforts(guidance) amongst specific targets or products.

The only service we know for sure that will be worked upon by Gates is MSN search-a service which has tremendous potential but needs improvement.

Th reason given by Gates for his de-facto retirement is that he wishes to spend more time on managing the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation,which is the largest transparently operated charitable organisation in the world.He is also the fiercest opposition to anti-trusts after Rockfeller.Bill Gates signature

Quote of the day: "As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others." - Bill Gates.

And that exactly is what Bill Gates has been for Microsoft; a visionary. Since the earliest days he had a clear cut vision,a dream of Microsoft setting the standard,a dream where computer software becomes affordable and accessable to all.We see this in practice today-most homes and nearly all offices have a computer and over 90% of those computers run on Windows software.

When Microsoft signed a deal with IBM,IBM in their hurry did not bother with the details or legal formalities of the deal For them Bill was like any other youngster(23 then) trying to sell his innovation and make it big. They therefore did not press much and Gates with a future plan in mind got them to sign a non-exclusivity agreement which gave Microsoft the rights of license for the product. Later on when Microsoft cashed in on their free right to market their product,a stumped IBM could only grit their teeth in resentment.

Bill Gates is also extremely proud of the fact that he gets the best talent in America to work for the biggest company.He has said it often enough "I don't hire bozos".He takes only the best and that is one of the reasons why his company does so well.

Unlike Apple and many other brands,Microsoft is a people's brand-comfortable to use,convenient,homely and at a very affordable price.

More than any other computer company,Microsoft have diversified through innovation and continuos improvement-be it the XBox 360 or the internet explorer,Microsoft has a sweeping suite of products. They have been the first to identify the potential of several services and were onto the scene before anyone else(take for instance hotmail,the first ever e-mail service).

Microst also made Stanford a hotbed for recruitment-an incubator of sorts. They even encouraged the growth of new compaies and made sveral donations-including the building in which Google started.

Bill Gates has left behind him a legacy that no entrepreneur can ever parallel.

A question: What is the full and real name of Bill Gates?

Do you have the answer or a wild/random guess to the question above?How do you feel about Gates quitting?Will it affect Microsoft?

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