Thursday, June 26, 2008

North Korea denuclearising : Reasons, benefits to the already ‘food crisis’ hit country

North Korea has finally given a 6 month due account of its nuclear programme to China, which contains the Korea's plutonium enrichment efforts. This handover comes under the global efforts which offer North Korea many diplomatic, political, safety and economic benefits/advantages/incentives. I've summed up a few:
  1. US will remove North Korea from their list of 'states sponsoring terrorism' : a big move that will make them trustworthy and reputable in world affairs.
  2. Nuclear Weapons, weapons grade material or any other reactors North Korea may have piled or built have to be disarmed according to the deal. This will make all its neighbors be on better terms with each other and make cordial relations with South Korea and Japan and other countries close-by.
  3. There were some rumors that North Korea is dumping their nuclear reactors policy for a exchange of food aid (I saw that on CNN channel) but couldn't really believe it.

Furtheron, news is rife that North Korea is facing a serious 'famine' or food crisis. Being one of the most 'closed-mouth' country in the world, no one really nows the scenario inside North Korea, but international observers have analyzed that the country faces a shortage of more than 1 million tonnes of grain (thats huge !!!) which it has to feed to its population.Though there is no inside information, North Koreans have always looked less-nourished than their opulent over-the-wall neighbors South Korea. Countries like South Korea have committed or in the process of giving 50,000 tonnes of corn and US is known to have promised half a million tonnes of grain. Thats it for external contributions as of now.

Rising deaths from rural areas and greater awareness have led their leader Kim Jong-il to give remedies to this food crisis as 'high priority'. Otherwise soon North Korea will face a famine that it last saw in the mid 1990s when famine/food crisis claimed a million lives then.

So do you think the above two are interconnected? Or North Korea has simply succumbed to international pressure? Let us here your views too!

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