Saturday, August 30, 2008

Economics Quotient of the Matrix 2008 Quiz

All you budding economists and computer geeks, a quiz for you, in which I participated in (and eventually came 4th!!) : Here it goes, question followed by the answer :

NOTE: This one is on economics, and not for computer geeks. Also check out the Computers Quiz.

1. Name any 4 G8 countries.

-This is obvious. USA, UK, Canada, Russia, France, Germany, Italy and Japan.

2. Sustainable moderate economics growth and a low inflation allowing for a market friendly monetary policy. Name this kind of economy.

-Goldilocks Economy

3. Graduate from St. Stephen's College, he was an ex-director at IMF and Independent Evaluation Office. Who?

-Montek Singh Ahluwalia

4.President and CEO of First Allied Corp. a holding company with varied business interest such as food processing units and sports teams his teams include Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Name the person?

-Malcolm Glazer

5. Country with the highest inflation figures?


6. Name the company with the following tagline " the jeans that built America"


7. What is "" tagline?

-If you have a reason we have the job.

8. Finnish MNC with its HQ in Kelianini, Espoo?


9. Who coined the term BRIC Countries?

-Goldman Sachs


Thanks to Mount St. Mary's for hosting a wonderful quiz and Kshitij, Prabhat, Eeshan, Prateek, Sojo and Anuj for being able quizmasters!!


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