Friday, August 29, 2008

Found an answer to : Why does India win so few Olympic medals?

Sorry for the digression but its sad that India wins so few medals even though we boast of a rich legacy of sports persons and a population of one billion.

Tyler Cowen writes:

My guess would be lack of government subsidies, combined with the possibility that non-democratic, authoritarian governments feel greater need to prove themselves on the international stage and to their people at home. The subsidies matter for the infrastructure as much as for the athletes. Throw in low social mobility, nutrition problems, and the relative lack of TV to inspire the young 'uns and you've got my answer. Bad roads don't help any either. Does this query have any other takers?

My only comments are that India cannot experience a phenomenal growth all of a sudden, and this has to be a very gradual process. As Rome can't be built in a day, all the above infrastructure cannot just sprout up and also true about the handling of the immense talent within India.

Maybe we can take lessons from China, a believe of long-term strategies in human development, be it the 1970s birth control or the opening of the economy 13 years before India. They started preparing for the Beijing Olympics since a long time, and the fruit of labor wasn't seen instantly as in the Sydney and Athens Olympics but the recently concluded one.

What do you have to say? Any comments, just shoot them here.


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  1. Last week there was a great article on the Boston Globe Op Ed page written by Derrick Jackson about India winning the first individual gold medal. It is great to hear what this American has to say about India - it puts things in perspective.