Friday, August 29, 2008

Matrix Ecomm Buzz 2008 Quiz

All you budding economists and computer geeks, a quiz for you, in which I participated in (and eventually came 4th!!) : Here it goes, question followed by the answer :

NOTE: This one is on computers, and only for computer geeks. The one for the budding economists is the Economics Quiz.

1. What is a phreaker?

-A person who hacks phone for making free calls. [Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs,founders of Apple, are famous phone phreakers]

2. What Apple Portable debuted in a choice of two fruity color schemes, blueberry and tangerine?

-Apple iBook

3. What search engine did DEC develop to manage old email?


4. What famed movie supercomputer did the university of Illinois have two birthday parties for, in 1992 and in 1997?


5. What computer accessory did Apple try splitting in two in 1993 in an attempt to reduce injuries?


6. What tech company did founder Marc Ewing name for his grandfather's old Cornell Lacrosse Cap?


7. The ad of this company ran only once during the Super Bowl in 1984. Tv Guide declared it to be the best commercial of all time. Name the company.


8. Who founded the WWW Consortium?

-Sir Tim Berners Lee

9. Who designed the original Java Language and wrote "Emacs" for Unix systems?

-James Gosling

10. Who developed PHP?

-Rasmus Lerdorf

11. What chairman of Apple coined the term PDA?

-No its neither Steve Jobs nor Steve Wozniak. Its John Sculley


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