Thursday, August 21, 2008

McDonald's: I'm loving it !!! Aren't we all? A quick look at the reasons why

Harshvardhan's finally woken up, and written a beautiful article on McDonalds!

In 1940, two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald, tentatively ventured
forth in the then-infant fast-food business. Little did they know,
that around 65 yrs later, their pioneering idea 'Speedee Service
', the hallmark that then lent them the edge would make them,
McD's, the world's largest, most popular restaurant chain.
The first outlet was established in San Francisco, Calif. and almost
immediately became immensely successful. Building on that popularity,
fame and success, the siblings opened 9 more franchises, the 9th being
founded by Ray Kroc in Des Plaines, Illinois on April 15, 1955. Later
on, Ray Kroc purchased the McD brothers equity in the company and led
its rapid surge in worldwide expansion.

The 'food junkie' can of course at anytime munch on tasty french fries or bite mouthfuls into cheesy hamburgers.
A second advantage that with surety sustains their magnanimous lead is
their extremely fast service that comes in specially handy during the
busy early morning hours of school or peek rush (lunch) hours of
office. Harried people often drop in for a quick bite en route to work
or school. The tariff being pocket-friendly and economically viable
extends its services to all classes and sectors, taking into its folds
of a loyalty base even the weakest of the weak. Despite the low
pricing, a customer does not miss out on any of the services provided
by the more expensive eateries.

Today, there are more than 600 McCafe's and McD's spread out over 120
countries and territories, serving nearly 54 mn customers each day!
Being such a large global brand, McDonald's has also been instrumental
in providing employment all across the world. Stats show that one in
eight people in the USA alone have worked at McD's during some point
in their lives.

As any other company, McD's too had to cross hurdles along thier way
to the summit of success and had a rough time doing so.
McDonald's has been sued successfully several times over in the past,
notably by vegetarian groups, largely Hindus.

These hurdles, however, have been crossed, doing little to dent McD's
reputation as a reliable brand of good quality. If anything at all,
McD's has only bolstered its stronghold, continuing to stride forward
at a healthy pace, leading the pack of other restaurant or fast-food
chains flanking them at a gaping distance away, leading them as a
front-runner in the Forbes Top 10 - the only fast-food business to
have been mounted to this great, dizzying height of achievements, many
kudos and beyond all-infinite success, seemingly much more in store
for us and many more to come.

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  1. McDonalds has virtually left no competitor in the hamburger market and has eased itself on the real estate scene by grabbing the world's most expensive locations in the busiest corners of New York and other metropolitan cities.

  2. I love everything that contains a "Mc".

  3. A glorified vadapav, which is less tasty than the indian counterpart. I am talking about veg mac. Psudos like to think that they are eating something whis is not our humble vadapav.

    Sells for around 10 times the cost of local vadapav.

    Stale, bottled sauses instead of fresh grounded chutney.

    No wonder they are loving it.