Monday, September 29, 2008


The current Outstanding Public Debt of USA is $9.8 trillion. Before this mammoth total, a $700 billion bailout plan looks dwarfed...

Since the subprime crisis, the National Debt has scaled at an average of $2.42 billion per day since September 28, 2007!

What are your comments on this?

ps. The debt may have increased by now. Check it out here.

Yes it has increased!! It has crossed $10 trillion a few days back. The digital clock in New York City could accomodate a debt of no more than $9.99 trillion, but with the debt crossing 81% of US's GDP, the clock had to remove the dollar($) sign to make way for the "1" 's place in the digits.


  1. Consumers owe a lot too...Consumers owe $14 Trillion. Do you think that is too much? Do you think that might be a cause to our economic troubles? Too much debt amongst consumers caused them to stop paying on their loans??....check out the figures...

  2. This national debt scares me to death. Why didn't the officers pay attention to this? Why didn't they put a stop to this before getting out of hand? I thought they had all these brilliant people on hand to watch the economy. Maybe they should have allowed me to be the watch dog. I would not have allowed this to happen.

    Evelyn Guzman
    Debt Challenger