Saturday, November 8, 2008

Tough times lie ahead for Obama!!!

Kal's cartoon in The Economist :


With once-in-a-century subprime crisis and global economic meltdown, we need a once-in-a-century president with different ideas, change! Yes, if Americans through full support behind him, the world is his, and no obstacle is too small. What is most important today is bringing back the faith...

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  1. chirag, as you said, with once-in-a-century economic conditions, it will bring once-in-a-century tough ride for Obama too

  2. great cartoon that portrays my feelings 100%

  3. change seems to be the buzz word for his electoral victory, but does it really change american attitude towards the developing coutries like india, on issues such as market access, climate change and out sourcing only future will tell the reality behind the obama mania.

  4. Chirag, Now is the real test of his ability to be tackle questions when they are real and not from CNN reporters. It's a simple make or break situation from him now. Hope this all is not just a soda bottle fizz.

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