Sunday, December 21, 2008

The best economic blogs

The feed readers have finally touched 100, and its shame on me not to respect the daily visitors and write informative and interactive posts. I am sorry to each one of you.

The economic crisis is being stretched, no hope is near, a new president of US is elected, a bailout for everything under the sun....yes there's so much economic activity and criticism/support of all decisions and policies.

Its of paramount importance that one learns the finer nuances of such activities, and for this I'd like to recommend a few blogs I visit on a daily basis :

Greg Mankiw's blog : A professor of Economics at Harvard, this blog contains Greg Mankiw's "random observations for students" and also some of the finest articles across the web which can become a very useful resource for us.

Calculated Risk : This blog's an authority on housing, securitisation, and offers a great readership with whom you can discuss everyday financial issues. The blog offers their own invaluable analysis of all economic activities round the clock. A very lively discussion indeed with each post attracting 200-600 comments easily.

The Conscience of a Liberal : The daily blog of Paul Krugman, 2008 winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics. Get to know the great economist's opinions here and also interesting trivia about anything random that may come in Krugman's mind.

Economists View : Find all the day's best stories and original ideas hand-picked in this blog (from many other sources that is). Also great links for everyday reading. One blog from where you can track all other sources of intellectual thought.

Freakonomics : Read the book? Now read their daily blog. Steven Levitt, Stephen Dubner and a host of other guest authors pour their thoughts on the 'hidden side of everything'.  Sometimes their posts and comments get very funny, but this blog is quite entertaining.


  1. I like these two also: (Josh Gans' take on mainly tech issues, often Australia-specific, plus whacky parenting economics) (mainly Peter Klein, lookign at org economics, strat management and entrepreneurship)

  2. Hey thanks for the links!!
    I'll remember to view these blogs off and on also.....

  3. Thanks Chirag, added them to the reader. BTW, in case you are wondering I did fillout the survey form.

  4. [...] reading new stuff, trying to understand famous academicians, thinkers and economists. Some of the economic blogs on the net have been a great help and have fostered my interest in economics. These become a must [...]

  5. Interesting post. The dollar is going to collapse.

  6. Back in the 1820's (by design) the U.S. Import tariff was much higher (45%) , making and keeping our country as a powerhouse in the world theatre . This created the environment of buying American (even by foreign interests) and building a dramatic infrastructure of enterprise and manufacturing/industry that made America what it WAS .

    Skipping through the consequent years and the continuous decline in US import tariffs (now -20% down to zero) until recently , the eventual result has been a VERY unfair playing field for the US , causing outside foreign sellers (including relocated US merchants that reasonably sought a cheaper production environment) that can IMPORT its goods at an overly competitive cost basis ultimately causing what we now have as a crumbling economy and loss of manufacturing exports translating to massive job loss .
    See the link below for a crash course;

    IF America raised/adjusted (to offset/correct the current competitive IMbalance) the Import tax upward the results would be;

    ~ NEW money !
    Trying to balance a budget on the same old money re circulating is ludicrous .
    Economics 101; More money going out than coming in is a failing economic formula EVERY time .
    ~ Manufacturing/industry/production (JOBS) returning home because the advantage of cheaper (in other parts of the world) labor would be neutralized by a tariff .
    * Sorry but , I am for America and the American integrity of quality vs shoddy . That and all of the American lives invested to realize that WE are the best country in the world . Though that mantra is still spoken , I think it's lost some of its luster .

    ~ The US GDP finding a new , better , and growth opportunities with the renewed leveling of the playing field .
    A NEW tariff taxing OUTSIDE money would offer the U.S. NEW MONEY to pay down debt , reinforce infrastructure , and support OUR ideals and values .
    * Note; ~ US consumers consume a vast (20+%) portion of the worlds Gross Product .
    Allowing imported products to be distributed to such a powerful concern should be duly compensated . Not taking advantage of our countries buying influence and strength is a flagrant mis-use of fiscal responsibility .
    Ironically , much of the debt the US owes it owes to foreign interests having been generated from US consumerism's .
    This concept/action answers the big question; How will our national debt be reduced and (OUR) jobs return !

    Now is the time to remind the rest of the world (except the poverty ridden) that they owe the U.S. for much/most of the prosperity they have enjoyed .
    Change it NOW so America can be re-instated as competitors and leaders in the world Market , and not just a debt ridden charitable checkbook to be scoffed at .
    Again; NEW MONEY from somebody else other than the American public .
    IT IS TIME !

    * Note; I'd rather have outside interests borrowing money from OUR country ,,,, and be proud or complain about it , as the case may be , than OUR country borrow money from "outside interests" that ultimately benefited from jobs , industry , etc. given/sold away from us .

    Thank you for considering the ONLY viable solution .

  7. Good post, and by chance all those you mention are on my reader. Do you also read Paul Kedrosky's Infectious Greed? He's fairly prolific, with lots of interesting links and data points that have proved useful for my work.

    All the best with the blog.

    Managing Uncertainty -

  8. I have my doubts that the baby boomers can run anything. Obama is not to blame here. Nor can he be the only leader in the world. If the fathers of the 1950's did a better job than you guys from the 1960's why don't you just admit it. Perhaps that is what is really wrong today, the boomers cannot admit their fathers did ten times the job they have done. All they've done is make a big mess. No leadership. Can run a home, can't run a family, lay around all day supervising everyone. Too Vain. What did the 1960's produce??????????Take a look guys. Your fathers were better leaders than you are I will just say it for you. Hide your heads in shame.

  9. There are quite a few of the economics blogs out there. Obviously if you a professional you'd have your own selection and a reader. As for the casual reader my site features the ones I find really innovative.