Friday, January 2, 2009

Roundup of 2008 for 'My Finance Times'

With 26 thousand visitors since its start, 256 comments on 82 posts, consistently 100 feed readers, and a Google page rank of 4, the year 2008 has been great for the blog!

I'd like to thank all my readers and visitors for making the blog popular. Kudos to you!! Thanks a lot...

Thanks to my friend Harsh, who chipped in with his thought-provoking articles and timeless posts (earlier in 2008).

We've seen great action on the blog and discussion on a wide variety of issues, right from the Tata-Singur issue to the nuclear deal. We've discovered new terms like Conflict Diamonds

I've also acted like a maverick at times, while commenting negatively about Chandrayaan.

Subprime crisis has been a favorite topic( I wonder why subprime has yet not been added to the wordpress dictionary) with posts ranging from failing banks to saving banks.

We've also reviewed books on great people, like Sam Walton and Lee Iacocca and even written on Bill Gate's departure from Microsoft.

On a personal note, I've enjoyed writing the blog, reading new stuff, trying to understand famous academicians, thinkers and economists. Some of the economic blogs on the net have been a great help and have fostered my interest in economics. These become a must read for all you budding economists!!

Any suggestions for what the blog should do in 2009? Please voice them....


  1. @ Chirag - Thats really impressive. Keep up the good work and Kudos to the blog! Well, I beg to differ on the Chandrayaan Project. Also, I backed Obama and supported him and he won!

    Looking for some more enlightening stuff in 2009!

  2. @prateek: thanks!!
    hey even i backed obama, but the endorsement i gave to mccain was only on a few viewpoints (as i mentioned within the post) and not an overall assessment.....

  3. :) Hey Chirag, good one. Only suggestion is few more Nation Centric articles.

  4. What I mean I love your Macro view of the world, however beginners like me will be more benefited more if we build up from ground up.

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