Saturday, February 28, 2009

Changing public opinion: Was George Bush the Worst President?

I've always thought that George Bush was a very competent commander in chief. Be his unprecedented work on removing HIV/AIDS in Africa, or signing the nuke deal with India, not to forget the harsh treatment on the 9/11 militants and militant groups, he has always stood out for his achievements. In fact, at one time, he set the record for highest approval ratings as President!!
Every person has his own luck. America under Bush ( and I not just talking about Mr. Bush) has had more than its share of bad luck : too many to count.
But worst president?   .....take a deep breathe.....
I don't think so.
And here are Thomas Fleming's views which show even the former greats like John Adams, Washington, Roosevelt and Jefferson and not-so-great Carter, Harding have had poor runs like our own Mr. Bush. A good piece of read to see the truth.

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