Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bad news for international students

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The Crimson reports that an amendment to the Stimulus Bill in USA will prevent firms/banks that receive TARP( Troubled Assets Relief Program) money to hire internationals, those holding H1B visas.
This is a severe blow to many top US Universities as more than a third of MBA candidates in different universities are internationals. No jobs for them, and a severe blow to America's image as the 'land of opportunity'.
Discrimination on this basis creates many problems at a time. The only pro is that more Americans will be now employed so the unemployment rate will fall. But what about those who have come into another country, help to increase GDP, incomes and consumption level of the  population, all the while paying taxes and helping to stimulate the economy? Thats a raw deal then...
Also considering that such situations require some of the brighest and most talented minds to solve a problem at such a scale, and employing on this basis surely means they are going to lose out on a vast array of experience, talent and acumen of the international students.
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