Monday, May 24, 2010

Answers to Strategist Quiz 150

I didn't manage to find all the answers last week, but I'm in constant trial with this week's quiz. Here they go:

  1. Connect a typewriter with an innerwear brand and what do you get?
  2. In the context of the recent European financial crisis, what does PIGS stand for?
  3. Name the Indian company and the designation it has given to a senior level executive who decodes sacred stories, myths, rituals and their relevance to modern times, and helps the company build its cultural strategy.
  4. Who propounded the strategy of innovating in emerging markets and then marketing these innovations in developed markets as alternative ideas and what name did he give it?
  5. This brand’s failure (late 1980s) is also linked to the word “fresh” which was added to its existing name. The FDA in the US termed the usage as a misnomer and called it false advertising. The brand gradually wound down and efforts to find a buyer proved to be unsuccessful. Name the brand and the multinational who owned it.
  6. Name the foreign company in India whose expat employees are taking up Indian names to be more culturally acceptable to colleagues, business associates and clients.
  7. If you are having a mudslide what would you be drinking?
  8. This family came to prominence when it was commissioned to build carriages for the Royal Mail in 1760. By the late 19th century, it was hand-crafting the coachwork for the new “horseless carriage”. And today, this family’s name still resonates with the bespoke luxury of the world’s finest carriages and cars. Name the family and the cars it is associated with.
  9. Which brand is associated with Nudes, Pinks, Reds and Browns?
  10. Connect both the logos and give reason for their being in the news recently. 


2. Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain
3. Pantaloons/Future Group. Devdutt is the Chief Spiritual Officer
4. Trickle Up Innovation, Paul Krugman
6. Huawei
7. Vodka
8. HJ Mulliner . Now associated with Bentley
9. Lakme

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