Sunday, November 13, 2011

Has India got the game?

The gaming industry, growing rapidly across the world, is finding its feet in an ever increasing world of smart phones and tablets in India. The social network has made it possible for millions in India to connect to each other, and play games where they can interact with their friends, play similar games, and set highscores among own peer group.

Gone is the time when one needed to visit a Reliance Web World to play Fifa or Age of Empires on LAN. Cloud computing coupled with internet has made it possible for game developers, distributors and gamers to continue the party, but hassle-free this time.

A PwC report indicates a quantum jump in the worldwide gaming industry, which is currently pegged at $26 billion. If the online and PC market continues to grow according to PwC, it'll nearly double to $47 billion in the next 4 years.

The above figures have been quoted for the entire world. But will India watch these numbers from the sidelines, or capitalise on this growing phenomenon?

The key growth drivers for the Indian gaming industry are
  • Enhanced User interface with smartphones, tablets and a burgeoning target market with disposable income
  • Apps/Games at less than a $1 and easily available via Android and Apple Markets on device itself
  • Game developers and entrepreneurs waiting to plunge: From Srabulous to Party Poker, India has had its share of gaming success in the past, and passionate entrepreneurs will be quick to make good use of these trends.
  • Likelihood of the PE industry betting on Indian successes after foreign bets like Jamdat Mobile paid off.
The potential is there, but has India got the game?

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