Tuesday, August 28, 2012

UCLA Launches Lowell Milken Business Law School

UCLA law students who are planning to specialize in business law will benefit from the new Lowell Milken Institute for Business Law which has recently opened at the UCLA School of Law. A $10 million gift, granted by educational pioneer Lowell Milken, is geared towards allowing the school to continue to function as a leader in enhancing ethics and values as they relate to the integration of business and law.

Lowell Milken and the UCLA administration envision that the new Institute for Business Law and Policy will serve as a recognized center for the study of law and business. The Center is expected to develop new strategies for improving the problem solving abilities and transactional skills of law students as they combine the study of law with business models.

Lowell Milken expects that the new Institute will support additional centers and institutes which inform public policy as they relate to the business world. This effort includes providing financial assistance to law students who demonstrate leadership skills in the fields of business law and policy. Lowell Milken anticipates that the expanded curriculum and the enhanced training in real-world transactional skills offered through the Institute can subsequently expand to the broader business communities.

The UCLA Law School is recognized as a leader in the study of business law and enjoys a long tradition of interdisciplinary collaborations. This background convinced Milken, a 1973 UCLA Law School graduate, to fund the UCLA Institute.  UCLA Chancellor Gene Block says "Through groundbreaking research, as well as symposia and conferences, the Lowell Milken Institute will facilitate the kind of sustained dialogue with policymakers and practitioners that is UCLA's hallmark as a public university."  

The Lowell Milken Institute will strive to deepen the UCLA Law School's influence and impact on the energetic LA business community with which it already enjoys a strong relationship. The program will prepare students to integrate business and law by providing them with training and skills to meet the challenges of today's global business economy.

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