Friday, April 12, 2013

Qualities of an Ideal Financial News Channel

When seeking a great source for your financial updates there are a variety of different outlets. Reliable financial news is hard to find as most local news resources are more biased or add in the entertainment news as filler that most people are not interested in. Another issue when looking for the perfect news outlet is that there is not enough international news on American television.

 Your search for informative news broadcasts is of interest to all cable providers. Theirs is a competitive industry as they sort out their channel line up to persuade the public to subscribe. Cable TV deals and bundles are definitely the pattern today. Specials in the form of promotional offerings bombard you, the customer, in all media.

At one time in the not too distant past, the radio and television networks provided news reports that were for the most part non-partisan and non-biased. Today, however, you cannot find a truly unbiased news broadcast televised on any cable network. All too often, you must browse around to view news broadcasts from each network (and perhaps BBC America as well). Afterward, you then evaluate what you learned in your browsing and determine the probable truth summary of what the news announced. As far as international news American news channels don’t offer equal parts of international and local news.

In a way it’s called thinking for yourself but facts seem to be subjective these days.

The ideal financial news channel would be one unaffiliated with political agendas. A news channel should announce the news, not interpret it. Too often you must hear first the announcement of the event, and then the news journalist's opinion of what the event means. We have become a nation talked down to even in televised news broadcasts. This is not the American custom in news gathering, and it was once a definite dereliction of purpose and journalism if the news person was paid to give the news with a partisan slant or was proactive regarding a particular agenda.

 Each cable provider now has the opportunity to change this unfortunate evolution of news broadcasting to news interpretations. The bastion of free press used to be in the safety net of multiple networks, but times have changed and public networks belong to their own partisan groups of advertisers and contributors. Your cable industry can bring the newscaster back into the fold of your heroes of yesteryear. The newscaster's word on the air was definite, a contract with you that the news broadcast was correct, concise, and you did not need to have it now "explained" to you.

Your news, whether global, national or local, should be accessible at little or no cost. Cable TV deals could provide this, especially if the providers would contract as a group to do so. CSPAN is one example of this working well. Your news should be a report that is your right to see or hear, and then to behave according to your personal beliefs and persuasions. You have your intact powers of deduction. You are sold everything from soap to fantasy on today's media, but your news reports should not be something available to the highest bidder.

The truth in broadcasting benchmark should be returned to the American news viewer. Your cable providers are able to affect this, if they should so decide.

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