Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Can Used-Car Finance Help You Realize Your Dreams

Has the dream of owning a car always remained an illusion? If you have always wanted to own a sedan or a hatchback or that nifty little small car but could never shore up the budget, why not go for quality pre-owned models that are available at a significantly lower cost.Quick and easy finance options help you achieve this.  Read on to know how owning your dream machine is easier than you thought.
A Brand New Car is an impossible dream for some
We all aspire to have assets that we are proud of.Yet, very often the divide between our capacity to own and the actual value of assets deters us from achieving our own dreams and buying a car is no different. Owning a car today is no longer a luxury but has become more of a necessity.   Yet, the real value of the car we aspire to own can push our goals further. But in today’s world of abundant options, owning a pre-owned car can help streamline your aspirations and savings. With auto finance options from Mahindra Finance, one can easily knock-off owning a car from the list of things to own.

Buying a used car - Here’s what you should know
If you are planning on buying a used car from your friendly neighborhood dealer, then think again. While it is better to get a recommendation on used cars, it is always advisable to follow the advice given by a certified authority.

While it may be logical to go for a better deal price-wise with a local dealer, it isalways advisable to go with an authorized dealer.

The reason why authorized dealers score better than local ones is that they provide all the relevant paperwork that includes a complete record of ownership and maintenance. Authorized dealers offer warranties, pre and post sales services, certified repairs and maintenance, replacement of car parts and even insurance. These are the same level of services offered on the purchase of a new car.

When you are choosing a used car, ensure that the dealer is registered or authorized.Although searching through classifieds or other sources for an authorized used-car dealer is good enough, it would always be preferable to go for options that distinctly offer pre-certified cars.   It’s generally quicker and easier to avail a pre-owned car loan if the vehicle is pre-certified as the quality of vehicle is assured and the documentation is always in order.

The choice of an auto finance company is yours
Conduct a thorough search online to find the best interest rate for used car loans.Finding second hand car finance is easy when you have zeroed in on the type of car you are interested in buying. Identify the amount of loan you intend to avail of and your preferences from the finance company before you finalize your purchase.

Owning a dream car need not be an illusion with secured and trusted car finance.

Author: Anupama Sughosh, an independent financial blogger

Disclaimer: The views, opinions and investment tips expressed by the author are her own and not that of the website or its management linked within the document. We advise users to check with certified consultants or experts before venturing into any investment decisions.

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