Dog Security Makes a Difference in Deterrence

Nothing is more demoralizing than to come home after a big vacation, weeks away, to open a front door broken and a house burglarized. While the physical property can be replaced, the memories cannot, and it’s common to feel mentally violated for weeks after the fact. There’s always the question as well whether the characters will come back, having already succeeded at breaking into a home once already.

While home security has been ramped up significantly over the years with cameras, Internet connections and monitoring devices, the fact is they all are the same – they just monitor. Very little has changed in terms of physical protection. Windows and doors still use the same old technology for locks, and homes are only as good as the physical material they are made out of. As a result, real security that provides a defense has to be physically responsive. However, there’s a catch; it’s illegal to set traps. So, defense comes back to either having someone house-sit the property or, relying on a dog.

Dogs are amazing creatures when it comes to security. First off, they are thinking beings which can adapt to circumstances. Second, dogs can be trained on how to respond effectively. Combined with monitoring, they provide a great defense until resources arrive or the homeowner responds. Third, a snarling large dog can be a downright scary deterrence, even if a burglar is able to get a foot or hand inside the home. Getting bitten is not what a burglar wants to deal with when there are easier targets.

However, dogs don’t automatically know how to protect a property. They have to be trained to be fully effective. This is where a professional dog training service fills the gap. Professional trainers make a huge difference in the capability of a trained security dog, essentially providing an animal that thinks and performs at its top level as a security resource. This is an ideal choice for protection needs suited to a CEO get K9 bodyguards need.

Whether for personal protection or property defense, a dog security resource is a lasting system that can be in place for years and remains effective for all of them. Most times, a well-trained security dog easily provides security for a decade if not a bit longer. How many times does a security system need to be upgraded due to outdated software and hardware in the same amount of time? Most people have gone through five phones and just as many digital cameras in the same period. But the dog keeps on working consistently year after year.

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