How Lemon Law Attorneys Can Help Protect Your Consumer Rights

Do you own a new vehicle that seems to break down constantly? Lemon laws may relieve your frustrations by requiring the manufacturer to refund or replace your car. A Corpus Christi lemon law attorney can help you understand if your car qualifies as a lemon under state and federal laws. To qualify, the vehicle must have been out for repair a reasonable number of times during the express warranty period, first 24 months or 24,000 miles driven, whichever comes first.

Help You Understand Your Rights

If you are a consumer who has purchased a new car or truck that has been repeatedly repaired due to defects, lemon laws can help protect your rights. A lemon law attorney can explain the laws in your state and guide you through obtaining compensation from the manufacturer. Lemon laws are based on two types of warranties: express and implied. An express warranty is a promise from the manufacturer, distributor, or seller that the product meets a certain quality standard. An implied warranty is a legal assumption that the product you purchase will serve its intended purpose for a reasonable amount of time and will be fit for its particular use.

To qualify for protection under a state’s lemon law, your vehicle must have major defects that cannot be repaired and appear within the first year of ownership or the first 24,000 miles driven. Most states also require that you go through an informal dispute settlement procedure, better known as arbitration, before filing a lawsuit. A lemon law lawyer can handle the details of this process so you can focus on getting back behind the wheel of a reliable vehicle.

Help You Get a Replacement Vehicle

In some cases, if the car manufacturer has had to take your vehicle back several times over its warranty period, or you have spent significant time without a working vehicle, you could be entitled to a replacement under the Texas Lemon law. A lemon law attorney in Texas can help you ascertain if your case meets the requirements of the Four Time Test and also understand any other issues that may be relevant to your claim.

To qualify for a replacement vehicle, you must prove that your car has had a major defect that is not repairable within the first two years or 24,000 miles of ownership. You must have taken your vehicle to a dealership or manufacturer service center a limited number of times and tried to get the problem repaired for a reasonable number of days. You must also show that the problems negatively impact your vehicle’s value, use, and/or safety.

A lemon lawyer can help you file a complaint and set a hearing. You can settle the matter during this meeting if you have a good case. However, if the issue cannot be settled, a judge will decide if your vehicle qualifies as a lemon and should be replaced or repurchased. If your car does meet these conditions, the judge will order the manufacturer to buy back your vehicle or replace it.

Help You Get Your Money Back

A lemon law lawyer can help you get your money back or a new vehicle. They can also guide you through filing a lawsuit against a car manufacturer for defective vehicles. Lemon laws are a set of state and federal consumer protection statutes that give consumers the power to resolve disputes with manufacturers of faulty products or services. Lemon laws generally apply to various products, including cars, computers, and appliances. They are based on two types of warranties: express and implied. An express warranty is a written promise that the seller of goods will fix or replace them. An implied warranty is a promise that the seller of goods will meet a certain standard of quality. The Texas Lemon law provides several remedies for faulty automobiles, including repurchase and replacement. The law also requires the manufacturer to reimburse a consumer for incidental costs such as towing, rental, and other transportation expenses. However, the manufacturer can withhold an amount for “reasonable usage.”

To be eligible for a refund or replacement under the Texas lemon law, your car must pass one of three tests: the four times test, serious safety hazard test, or 30-day test. The law does not cover problems caused by abuse, neglect, or unauthorized modifications or repairs. 

Help You Get a Fair Settlement

When a consumer buys a new car, truck, or SUV that turns out to be defective or problematic, the law may compensate them. State and federal laws, known as lemon laws after the slang term for a defective vehicle, require manufacturers to attempt to repair or replace these vehicles before giving consumers their money back. A reputable lemon law attorney can help you navigate the process and get a fair settlement. They can also help you get a refund or replacement vehicle if the manufacturer can’t repair your lemon or if you must wait too long to fix it. To qualify for a lemon law claim, your vehicle must have a significant defect that impairs its value and functionality. If you can prove that your vehicle meets these requirements, the manufacturer must repurchase or refund your car minus a certain amount for mileage.

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