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Cars have always been expensive in Singapore. An increasing number of buyers look for partners to assist with Singapore coe bidding. As locals will know, COE is needed to register a vehicle in Singapore. As you probably know, COE prices are driven by supply and demand, which means higher demand for vehicles increases the cost of COE.

Research is key. Impulse-buying will do you no good when shopping for cars anywhere, especially in Singapore. After finalizing your decision about the type of car you want. The next step is to do extensive research on all relevant information about your car. Try automotive magazines, subscribe to car review sites, join club forums, or check motorhead websites for comments and tips.

If you know a good mechanic, he or she should have a good opinion. This way, you’ll receive valuable objective background information to make your buying process easier.

Find your comfort level. Because you’ll be paying monthly installments for your new car, you also need to consider this financial responsibility. We get it, a shiny, expensive convertible is an attractive deal, but you need to include it in your plans before signing finalizing the deal.

Manage your monthly installment payments, which depends on how much financing you’re getting. Never assume that it is going to be the only amount needed monthly. Keep the running cost in mind and the maintenance cost of your car.

There will be other expenses like parking, insurance cost, and any other recurring costs of owning a car, like fuel cost. Calculate weekly, monthly, yearly fuel charges based on your usage and prevailing petrol prices.

Look for finance pre-approval. If you’re looking for financing for your new car, find a bank that offers assistance for Singapore COE bidding. It’s wise to visit a few banks to check what kind of financing and assistance they offer.

Your credit rating can also affect the bank’s decision upon performing a credit check on you. Ensure that you check on the local credit bureau regulations in your country. Some have a 14-day window where all credit checks can’t affect your credit rating.

Submitting your bid. You can join the bidding process in two ways. Either by bidding yourself in the Open Bidding System or designate a dealer to process it for you. For private individuals, your COE bidding is processed through DBS ATM, meaning you’ll have to have a COE bidding account with them. Your direct involvement will make sure that you are comfortable with the price and even speed up getting a COE if you bid successfully. Note that you will be charged an administration fee each time you submit a bid or revise your reserve price.


That’s it. Yes, we know cars in Singapore can be exorbitant, but if you need to buy a brand-new car this year and are willing to spend, then these tips can help. If you’re already committed to getting a car, then the next step is Singapore coe bidding. All SG buyers need to register for a new vehicle in Singapore. Save time and stress by using services like the DBS IDEAL Open COE (OCOE), which can be fully accomplished online.

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