5 Benefits To Owning a Single Story Home

Depending on where you live, there are often multiple types of housing options to choose from. Condominiums or apartments may be ideal for busy city dwellers, while single-family homes or townhouses may be more appealing to those living in larger and more spacious residential neighbourhoods. Whether it be first-time buyers, empty nesters or growing families, a single-story house can provide a wide variety of benefits based on one’s individual needs and preferences.

Large Communal Areas

Throughout recent years, open concept living has become increasingly more popular amongst families. Unlike older and more traditional builds, these types of homes are designed to have limited separation between all living areas. Rather than having distinctly defined rooms, large open spaces allow for an easy flow throughout the house. Furniture can be used instead of walls to divide areas, thereby creating open sightlines and the illusion of a larger living area. Looking at single storey display homes may be an excellent way to visualise how a kitchen, dining space and family room can be merged together to create the optimal living situation.

Tall Ceilings

Tall ceilings can be incorporated into single storey home designs Sydney to give an elegant and grandeur appearance. Vaulted ceilings are not only an aesthetically pleasing design element, but they are a great way to make a small space feel larger. Wooden beams and chandeliers can be used to make a statement or serve as the focal point of a room; meanwhile, skylights can bring in more natural sunlight and elements of the outdoors.

Raised ceiling heights may be more suitable for taller individuals that don’t wish to duck when walking through door frames or entering rooms. Your house plans single storey can include specific height requirements that are made to your liking.

Expanded Living

Backyards can provide you with the perfect way to blend indoor and outdoor living. Installing sliding or bifocal doors can extend the amount of usable space that you have at your disposal. Whether it be building a deck or creating an intimate patio area, traffic can easily flow between all areas of the house. When looking to host large gatherings, this expanded living arrangement eliminates crowding and increases the home’s overall function. The ability to have your desired number of guests on the same level can be an advantage of owning a single-story design.

Easily Accessible Rooms

Many individuals experience difficulty when it comes to the use of stairs. Elderly individuals or those with disabilities may struggle with balance issues, vision problems or other physical limitations that prevent them from safely navigating from one floor to another. Given that single storey home designs Sydney are created to have all bedrooms and living areas on the same floor, the inability to move freely from room to room is significantly reduced. Families with younger children do not need to worry about being able to keep a watchful eye on their little ones or fear that they will not be able to get to them should an emergency arise. Looking at single storey display homes can illustrate how living in relatively closer quarters can increase familial bonding.

Energy Efficiency

Single story living can be ideal if you are looking to lower the carbon footprint of your home. These open-concept designs allow for air to move freely from room to room without being blocked by the presence of walls. The use of air conditioning and heating systems can therefore be minimised. However, this doesn’t hold true for multiple-level structures. As warm air rises, the upper levels increase in temperature and require the additional use of air conditioning; this cycle may cause cooling systems to run more frequently in an effort to combat this issue. Not only is this utilising more energy, but it can lead to the development of higher electricity bills. The environmental impact of a single-story home may be less than that of alternative living options.

Living styles can be heavily influenced by geographical locations, familial responsibilities or financial resources. It is important that you identify the most essential functions and features of a home when determining what is right for you and your family. A single-story floor plan may be just what you are in need of.

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