A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Right Background Screening Services Provider

Background checks are a vital part of the hiring process for any company. However, using an unreliable screening company can cost your organization money and open you to potential legal liability.

Ask your peers for recommendations on which background check service providers they use and enjoy working with. Consider the following when choosing a provider that will best fit your business needs:


Choosing the right background check services provider requires more than comparing prices and features. You must also evaluate a provider’s reliability and ability to help you run a more compliant, efficient hiring process.

Ensure the provider you choose operates in all the jurisdictions where you work and has a good history of compliance with those laws. It would help if you also looked for credentials like accreditation by the Professional Background Screening Association.

Finally, the provider should be able to offer exceptional customer service, including responsive email or phone support. A slowdown in the screening process due to poor customer service can cause delays in hiring and ultimately impact your bottom line. The best background check service providers offer multiple contact support methods, including live chat or email.


A good background screening services provider understands the complexity of the hiring process and offers a flexible, scalable technology platform to meet the needs of HR buyers. They also work to learn about your specific challenges and provide a range of services without trying to direct you to a standard package.

Look for a background screening services provider accredited by a reputable organization. This seal of approval indicates that the company meets international and national standards and, across the spectrum of its operating processes and regulations, complies with best practices. The most comprehensive background checks include searches that verify social media accounts, education, reference, and criminal records. These searches can take longer and require a higher level of expertise.


Choosing the right background screening services provider for your business requires careful evaluation. It also includes a clear understanding of what you want from your partner and what your budget can afford.

Look for a provider that offers a range of packages designed for specific industries and positions and has a la carte options to customize your background checks. This helps reduce the risk of paying for services you don’t need or use and can help keep your costs down.

Look for a company with customer support that is quick and responsive to your needs. Ask about the company’s dedicated client representative system, how escalation works, and how quickly they can assist. Also, ask about the ability to connect with representatives via email, live chat, or phone 24/7.


A background screening service can provide a wealth of information about a potential hire. But with so many options, it’s essential to choose a service provider that can customize their services to meet the unique needs of each employer.

Choosing a service provider that prioritizes legal compliance and has the necessary knowledge and expertise to conduct thorough and reliable checks can help employers avoid legal issues and risks. It’s also essential to evaluate the quality of a service provider’s customer support, including availability, responsiveness, and expertise.

Consider the flexibility a service provider offers by evaluating their pricing structure, turnaround times, and platform features. A background screening service provider that can customize their services and integrate with applicant tracking systems and hiring platforms can create workflow efficiencies for recruiters and candidates and keep the hiring process moving forward.


It’s essential that your background check service provider understands your unique hiring needs and provides technology customization to address them. A company that provides lasting value will work to quickly answer questions and solve problems without trying to direct you into a “value package.”

Because a background check involves sensitive personal information, you must be confident that your provider follows the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and other privacy laws. Full-service providers are almost always compliant but beware of a la carte pricing models, which can quickly add up and put your company at risk for legal liabilities. You also want to be sure your data is easily accessible and secure for those authorized to do so.

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