Maximizing Your Investment: How Cloud Solution Partners Can Help

If you’re like most partners, you’re aware that your customers are increasingly adopting the cloud. But you’re also concerned about transitioning to the cloud, mainly if your business is currently focused on selling on-premise solutions.

Marketing Enablement

The authorized Azure cloud solution partners offer a complete support package and resources to help partners grow their cloud business. This includes co-marketing dollars, strategic messaging, marketing collateral, sales enablement assets, and more. A unified, end-to-end cloud marketing strategy and sales enablement tools are essential for a partner to grow their business. They empower marketing teams to create compelling content that drives buyer engagement and provide a sales team with the tools they need to close deals quickly. The most important part of marketing enablement is the ability to personalize the buyer experience. This allows the marketing team to deliver personalized content that leads buyers through their buying journey. Marketers should be able to track how their collateral performs and use data to refine their content creation and delivery. This allows them to make more intelligent and efficient decisions based on customer behavior and market trends. Another critical area of focus is partner post-sales services. These are activities that a partner can do once a deal is closed to ensure a product is deployed and used effectively by the customer. Vendors understand that these activities are crucial to a partner’s ability to deliver professional services and support adopting their products and services. As a result, vendor respondents have shifted their focus from traditional service enablement initiatives to activities that support partners’ post-sales professional services delivery.

Sales Enablement

The sales enablement process helps a company to understand its customers better and provide them with the products and services they want. It also improves customer retention as the team learns what the client needs and how to address it. Sales enablement aims to create a prospect-centric mindset across the entire organization. It also develops and supports sellers’ skills, improving their performance and hitting or exceeding their numbers. To ensure the success of their sales enablement strategy, companies should track metrics such as the number of opportunities that enter the pipeline, how much revenue these deals generate on average, and how these opportunities are distributed among the sales team. This information will help the enablement team identify new areas where they can impact seller performance. Keeping these factors in mind will help the sales team to close more opportunities and make more money. This also will allow them to become more comfortable offering add-ons and upsells to their customers. As a result, sales reps can deliver personalized experiences that lead to long-term loyalty and positive word-of-mouth. This also improves sales team productivity and efficiency, making their jobs easier to handle.

Similarly, partners supporting cloud products should be able to provide post-sales professional services aligned with customer needs. This requires them to collaborate and share knowledge with partner teams specializing in solutions. This is important for partner growth and success in the modern cloud marketplace. For sales teams to thrive, they need to be able to access effective learning and knowledge transfer from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. A cloud-based sales LMS and training platform is the best way to do that. Automated audience management ensures that your learners get the right content, and advanced analytics help you deliver personalized learning experiences that support business outcomes.

Customer Success

As you invest in great technology to drive specific business outcomes, how well your entire organization aligns with the necessary steps to implement that technology significantly affects your ROI successfully. The customer success team at cloud solution partners will help you get the support you need to connect with your customers on a deeper level and consistently deliver the best experiences. As your customers evolve and your business grows, you may need more resources to achieve higher customer satisfaction. We can provide a dedicated customer success manager to keep you focused on the goals you have set for your customers, helping you stay on track with your plans. Customer satisfaction can be challenging to measure, but we can help you build a survey that will capture the experience your customers have with your product. We can also use the survey data to drive a better customer experience. Creating an integrated feedback loop that aligns your customer success, support, sales, and product teams will ensure that all these functions work towards the same goal: delivering value to your customers. Alignment between these four areas can lead to satisfactory performance and positive business impact.

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