What is Sean O'Malley's net worth

Sean O’Malley Net Worth and Earnings 

Suga Sean O’Malley has been making waves in the UFC ever since he won The Ultimate Fighter back in December 2017. Since then O’Malley has been tearing up the Bantamweight division and putting on some sensational performances along the way. Suga Sean has so far only lost 1 fight in the UFC, although it was contentious after he suffered a strange nerve injury in his leg, and was beaten as a result, as of August 19th, 2023, Suga Sean is the Bantam Weight champion of the world after taking the belt from Aljamain Sterling.

As the colorful O’Malley has risen through the ranks, he has been making more money than ever before. Here we look at how much Suga is making, and what his net worth is reported to be. 

What is Sean O'Malley's net worth

What Is Sean O’Malley’s Net Worth?

It is reported that O’Malley’s net worth currently sits in the region of $ 1 million. This is not bad at all for a fighter who is yet to break into the top 10 of the 135-pound rankings. There is no doubt that O’Malley is a big PPV draw, however, and his consistency in earning KO of the Night or Performance of the Night bonuses has certainly contributed towards how much the Montana man has amassed during his career. 

Sean O’Malley UFC Earnings

The bulk of O’Malley’s earnings most certainly come from his UFC events, and in 2021 alone he made over half a million dollars just from his performances. 

UFC 260 – $145,000 earned with appearance, win, performance of the night, and incentive pay 

UFC 264 – $221,000 earned thanks to appearance, win, fight of the night, and incentive pay

UFC 269 – $206,000 earned from appearance, win, performance of night, and incentive pay

Additional Income 

Something which Suga Sean has been very aware of since early on in his career is just how marketable he is. Given this O’Malley has very much created himself as a brand and he uses that to make money via his podcast, his gaming channel on Twitch, and his sponsorship deals. The fighter has sealed brand deals with Reebok, Venum, Crypto.com, MyBookieMMA, and Dr. Dabber. On his Twitch channel, it has been reported that Sean earns an extra $4,500 per month, indulging in games like Fortnite for all to see. 

Future Prospects 

What we do know about UFC fighters is that the higher up the rankings that they rise, the bigger the pot of cash that they can earn. Given the huge amount of attention that O’Malley has received already, despite only being ranked 11th and below, it is clear that he has plenty of earning potential in the coming years. With O’Malley’s persona, look, and exciting fighting style, he is most certainly a prized asset within the organization. Despite what people say about fighter pay, the UFC has always looked after its valuable fighters and that is certainly a category in which Suga Sean O’Malley fits. 

Here are some other frequently asked questions about Suga Sean:

How much does Sean O’Malley walk around at?

Sean O’Malley typically walks around at a weight of around 150-155 pounds (68-70 kg) when he is not preparing for a fight. However, it’s important to note that fighters often have to cut weight before a fight to meet their designated weight class requirements.

How much can Sean O’Malley deadlift?

The specific deadlift weight of Sean O’Malley is not publicly known. Strength and conditioning routines can vary for each fighter, and the deadlift weight can depend on factors such as training goals, current fitness level, and personal preferences. It is worth mentioning that strength training is an essential component of an MMA fighter’s overall training regimen.

How much does a UFC fighter make?

The earnings of UFC fighters can vary significantly based on factors such as their level of experience, popularity, fight purses, sponsorship deals, and pay-per-view bonuses. While some fighters in the UFC earn millions of dollars per fight, many fighters at the lower end of the roster earn much less. On average, UFC fighters make around $50,000 to $100,000 per fight, but this can vary widely.

How much did Sean O’Malley make from his last fight?

As an AI, I don’t have real-time information on individuals’ earnings. Sean O’Malley’s fight purses can vary depending on several factors, such as the significance of the fight, the level of the opponent, and any bonuses received. However, it is important to note that UFC fighters often have multiple sources of income, including sponsorship deals, endorsements, and appearance fees.

How tall is Sean O’Malley really?

Sean O’Malley is officially listed as 5 feet 11 inches (180 cm) tall. This height measurement is based on official records and is subject to change if updated information becomes available.

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