Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier fighting

Charles Oliveira Net Worth

There is often a lot of talk in the media about UFC fighter pay, which has become a particular bone of contention for many. Despite the talk, however, UFC President Dana White has remained firm in his stance regarding how much fighters receive from their events. In all honesty, however, these fighters don’t earn a bad living, despite the high costs which they have to shell out for training and transport. With this in mind let’s take a look at Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira net worth, how much the 155-pound fighter is worth, and what he makes per fight.

Charles Oliveira and Dustin Poirier fighting

So How Much is Charles Oliveira Worth?

Do Bronx is reportedly worth $2.5 million with the large majority of that money coming in the last 3 years. Oliveira has had a very interesting UFC career, having joined the organization back in 2010. Having joined the organization as a 14-0 MMA fighter, Oliveira quickly slumped to a 21-7 record in the UFC. During this time Do Bronx certainly wasn’t making big money and was actually in debt given the costs associated with training and traveling from his native Brazil. 

Hitting The Big Time

It was on June 9th, 2018 when the boy from Sao Paulo’s fortunes would begin to change. Following his submission of Clay Guida, Do Bronx began an 11-fight win streak which has seen him take out the top of the Lightweight division. During that streak, he would face Michael Chandler for the vacant Lightweight belt, which soon became wrapped around his waist after a stunning performance and a 2nd round victory. Oliveira would make more off his last 3 fights than he had during the rest of his UFC career. 

How Much Does Charles ‘Do Bronx’ Oliveira Make Per Fight?

Naturally, the amount of money that is made per fight will vary based on Pay Per View figures, as well as the level of opponent he has, and whether or not he receives any bonuses. The best way to give you an idea as to how much he makes per fight is to look at his most recent matchup against Justin Gaethje. 

  • For this fight, Charles had a base salary of $480,000 
  • The Brazilian would earn a win bonus of $480,000 on top of this
  • Additionally, it was reported that he earned a whopping $680,000 for his impressive performance
  • In total, with additional add-ons, it was reported that Oliveira made a cool $1,602,000 for that fight

Rounding Up Charles Oliveira’s Net Worth

Whilst $1.6 million looks impressive, you have to reduce it significantly for taxation and taking away anything that Oliveira has to pay for his team, gym costs, and transporting that team from Brazil to the US. Nonetheless, this sizable payday has certainly improved Do Bronx’s net worth, and his earning potential going forward. 

Having missed weight against Gaethje, Oliveira wasn’t able to retain the belt despite the win. He is however considered the current champion, hence his hefty payouts when he wins. Assuming he does keep winning, that net worth will only continue to rise. 

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