Six MacBook Tips You Never Knew You Needed

Do you depend on your MacBook for almost everything? If the answer is yes, then you need to find ways to keep yours running smoothly and in top condition.

However, not everyone knows the ways to make sure that’s always the case.

If you want to know some of the best MacBook secrets, then you need to keep reading. We’re going to give you our top MacBook tips and tricks, and shortcuts to help you get more out of MacBook, T, or Air.

1. Keep Your System up to Date

Staying on top of updates is important for the health of your MacBook. To make sure you’re always up-to-date, use the app store to check for updates. The App Store makes it easy to update your apps, and you can set it to check for updates automatically. 

Use System Preferences to check for updates. You can find the System Preferences panel in the Dock. Under the “Software Update” section, you can choose to check for updates automatically or manually. 

Keep your apps up to date. App developers often release updates to fix bugs or add new features. Keeping your apps up to date helps ensure that you have the best experience possible. 

Update your firmware. Firmware updates are released periodically to address security issues or improve performance. You can check for firmware updates in the App Store or System Preferences. 

You can also edit hosts files on Mac for additional security of your MacBook.

2. Encrypt Your Hard Drive

You may not know it, but encrypting your hard drive is one of the best ways to protect your data. Using a strong password is an important step in encrypting your hard drive. Make sure to use a password that is at least eight characters long and includes a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 

Enabling full disk encryption is a feature typically available in your operating system’s settings. Once enabled, all the data on your hard drive will automatically encrypt. You can use an external drive if you’re worried about losing data if your computer is stolen, encrypting an external hard drive can give you an extra layer of protection. 

3. Extend Your MacBook’s Battery Life

There are things you can do to help extend the battery life of your MacBook. Using power-saving Mode can help reduce your MacBook’s power consumption and extend its battery life. Adjusting background lighting by making your screen dimmer is another way to save battery life.

You can further extend your battery life by making use of your MacBook’s Energy Saver settings. By adjusting your computer’s sleep settings, you can help reduce power consumption as well. If you’re not using Wi-Fi, be sure to turn it off because leaving Wi-Fi on can unnecessarily drain your battery. 

Disabling automatic graphics switching can help conserve power and extend your battery life. Unless you need it for a specific task, be sure to disable automatic graphics switching if you don’t need it. Don’t forget to calibrate your battery regularly and if you can invest in a good quality battery, that would be better.

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your MacBook battery lasts as long as possible.

4. Get Your MacBook to Run Faster

Regular updates to your Mac’s operating system can help keep your computer running smoothly and fix any existing performance issues. Quit out of unused apps you’re not using. They could be running in the background and eating up valuable resources.

Restart your computer if you feel sluggish, restarting it can often help speed things up. Freeing up some hard drive space can help your MacBook run fast. A full hard drive can slow down your computer, so make sure to regularly clean up any unnecessary files.

Check your activity monitor to help you identify which apps are hogging up your computer’s resources. From there, you can quit them or take other steps to fix the problem.

macOS offers a variety of visual effects that can make your computer look nicer, but they can also slow it down. If you’re willing to sacrifice some aesthetics, you can turn them off and speed up your computer in the process.

5. Use MacBook as a Second Monitor

If you have a MacBook and an external monitor, you can use your MacBook as a second monitor. Use display mirroring to show the same content on both screens. This is great for giving presentations or working on projects with a partner.

You can use the built-in iSight camera to video chat with friends and family. Also, you can use the extra screen real estate to keep your email inbox open on one screen and your work in progress on the other. Using spaces to create virtual desktops and keep your work organized is another feature that you can utilize.

6. Get More Out of Your Trackpad

There are little-known mac secrets that can make using your trackpad even more efficient and easier. To scroll through long documents or web pages, simply place two fingers on the trackpad and move them up or down. You can quickly zoom in and out of documents or photos by placing two fingers on the trackpad and spreading them apart or bringing them together.

To pan around a document or photo, place two fingers on the trackpad and move them left, right, up, or down? You can access Mission Control or create a new desktop by placing three fingers on the trackpad and swiping up or down. To quickly access the app switcher, place four fingers on the trackpad and swipe left or right. 

You can activate Force Touch by holding down the Shift key and then clicking and holding on the trackpad. This allows you to access additional options for some apps, like Quick Look or creating a new calendar event.

Consider These MacBook Tips

If you use a MacBook, there are some great tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of your computer.

From keeping your system up to date to make it secure from bugs and viruses, encrypting the hard drive to protect your data, extending battery life, making your MacBook run fast, using it as a second monitor, and maximizing using your trackpad.

These MacBook tips will give you more ideas to enjoy using your Mac.

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