Every year, lawmakers update tax laws, leaving the common person perplexed when presented with choices like selling a commercial property or claiming a tax credit for a small business. Accounting firms keep up with the latest tax rules and many provide financial advice, assist small businesses and individuals in creating budgets, and keep track of their financial objectives. Regardless of whether you need someone to manage your weekly payroll or you want trustworthy tax guidance, you’ll be satisfied with your pick if you evaluate the following things:

Business Specialties

Accountants typically focus on a small number of industries to serve their clients better. For instance, a tax accountant who works with retail clients might not be as helpful to a farmer as one who works with rural and agricultural clients.


Tax preparation companies hire and train tax preparers to help the public file their income taxes, but some may be unable to provide small businesses with detailed assistance. If your business has more accounting needs, a general accounting business that employs certified public accountants, or CPAs, will generally be more advantageous to you. Ideally, you should ensure that you are enlisting the services of a certified tax accountant.

Quality of service

If you require comprehensive bookkeeping services, look for a full-service accounting firm that enlists bookkeepers who handle regular client transactions. Note that an accounting company that does not hire bookkeepers will charge more if a CPA takes everyday bookkeeping responsibilities because it may not be part of their job.

Financial advice

While other accounting firms create essential financial reports but provide little input, certain accounting firms are fast to offer recommendations on when to purchase equipment and how to retain financial records. Depending on your financial knowledge and expertise, you may require more or less help. If you need a lot of assistance, pick a company that provides comprehensive financial consulting.

Audit assistance

Knowing that your accountant will stand by your side if the Internal Revenue Service ever comes knocking is comforting. For some small-business owners and individual taxpayers, IRS audits are a fact of life, but being the target of one is unpleasant. Some accounting businesses, like Evolved LLC, supply an accountant to advocate your interests and their offices for auditing needs.


Some clients are pleased to meet with their accounting company once a year for tax filing purposes. Other clients frequently have business questions that need prompt responses. Find out if you may call your accountant immediately or need to set up a time to visit the office and speak with them in person.

Setting goals

If you’re starting in business, it can be quite beneficial if your accountant offers to help you define goals and track your financial progress. Find out the company’s goal-setting policy and whether a fee is associated with the service.

Personal relationship

Finally, even if you employ the priciest accounting firm in town, you won’t receive the required service if you are uncomfortable discussing your finances. Look for a different firm if the accountant uses language that you find intimidating or if you speak to them in an unfamiliar way.

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