Energy bills can eat up a good chunk of your budget every month. It does not seem to matter what time of year it is, either. Many of us do not even realize all the power that we use that we do not need. Smart devices today have a way of sucking power when we are not even aware of it. 

Let us look at a few things that we can all do to lower our energy consumption. Lowering our use will decrease our bills. And a side bonus is that the less power we use, the lower our impact is upon the environment. The smaller the footprints that we leave will guarantee that the generations following us can still enjoy the world in all its wonder.

  1. Lights-When you leave a room, turn the lights off. That one small step can make a huge long-term effect upon your bill. Try it for a month, without making any other changes, and see what difference it makes. If you simply cannot remember to switch the light off, or if the other people in your house simply will not cooperate, invest in some smart switches that will turn the light off when you leave the room. And turn them back on when you enter the room. A couple other things that you can do with your lighting is to switch over to energy efficient bulbs, or smart bulbs if you are so inclined. 
  2. Thermostat-We all like to be comfortable while inside our homes. Try turning it down a few degrees. Your body will adjust to the slight temperature change and allow you to still be comfortable in your house. It will also make a noticeable difference on your bill. You can even install a smart thermostat, which is the best option, to keep control of your temperatures. With these devices you can usually control them remotely, as well, to allow you to keep even tighter control over the temperature settings.
  3. Compare suppliers-This may not be an action that you have even considered before. If you are in an area that has competing energy suppliers, it would be a good idea to go onto an online site and compare electricity rates available to you. Talk to the representatives of the companies and try to leverage a better price by using their competitors. If they want your business, they will work something out with you. The deal should save you enough on your bill to make the move worth it. If not, try to get your current supplier to lower their costs to keep your business
  4. Weatherize-If your walls, floor, and ceiling are not insulated correctly for your specific area it may be a suitable time to look into updating it. If nothing else have some spray insulation squirted into the area that needs the most help. Install new seals around the doors and use a can or two of spray insulation to seal all open areas in the frame around them. If they need replaced, do so. Use a solid door to help trap the temperature inside. Same with the windows. Make sure that they are sealed and of top quality. Changing out your old school windows with new energy efficient versions will save you a ton of cash.
  5. Appliances-Your kitchen is one of the biggest energy pulling areas within your home, as is your laundry room. Use colder water to do laundry and dishes. Upgrade to energy efficient models and make sure that seals are tight, such as on the refrigerator door and the oven. A small defect can cause more energy consumption because the appliance will have to work harder to maintain the temperatures that they are set to.

These are just some of the ways that you can reduce your energy bills. You can unplug everything that is not being used, such as mobile device chargers and computers. New technological devices are some of the biggest energy vampires on the planet. Draw the curtains to keep the temperatures regulated can make an impact, as can opening them to let the sun warm the room up. Furniture placement. The types of flooring. Interior design. There are so many things that can be done to help decrease how much power that you and your family use. The first step is to realize that you need to make some changes, and to follow through with as many of the upgrades as you can.

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