What Can I Sell for Money? 5 Items You Aren’t Using That’s Worth Some Cash

Payday’s not for another week, but you’re out of money. So, what should you do? Approximately 64% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and some frequently run out of cash days before their next paycheck.

You might look for fast ways to get some cash when this happens, and one option you might consider is selling stuff you’re not using. But, you might ask, “what can I sell for money?”

The good news is that you can sell just about anything. Check out this guide to learn about five common things people sell when they need some fast cash.

1. Jewelry

If you want to learn how to make extra cash, you can start by looking around your house for things you don’t want or need. For example, one excellent item to sell is jewelry you don’t want.

You might have gold or silver jewelry to sell. Additionally, people will buy costume jewelry. Of course, gold jewelry is worth more money, but you can still generate fast cash by selling costume items.

2. Books

As you declutter your home looking for items to sell, you might come across some books you don’t want. Selling books is a great way to get fast cash, as many people look for books to buy.  

You could sell antique books to generate some cash, but you can also sell any other types you have. For example, people will buy children’s books, novels, and history books. 

3. Cars

Some people have old cars they don’t drive, and they might decide to sell used cars for cash. You can sell a car online quickly if you have one you don’t need.

The good news about selling a used car is that you might get hundreds of dollars for it, even if it doesn’t run. You can learn more about selling a car online by checking out this link

4. Gift Cards

You can also look around for other household items to sell. As you search your house, you might come across some unused gift cards. 

Did you know that people will purchase your gift cards for cash? You might not get face value for them, but you can get some money. 

For example, you could list a $100 department store gift card for $60, and you’ll probably find a buyer quickly.

5. Clothing 

Another item that people often sell to generate fast cash is clothes. You can sell clothes by having a garage sale or listing them online. 

You can sell general clothes you own, such as jeans or shirts. You might also want to list formal dresses, suits, designer shoes, or purses. If you can find buyers, you’ll have access to cash quickly.

What Can I Sell for Money? Try These Options

You might ask, “what can I sell for money?” Hopefully, you have some ideas after reading this article. The truth is that you can sell anything you don’t need, as someone might want your unwanted things.

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