What Is an Energy Vampire? 5 Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill

During certain times of the year, your energy bill goes through the roof, or you might notice your energy bill is always higher than your neighbors. It’s possible your home as an energy vampire. These are appliances or other items that take considerably more electricity than other items.

When your electric bill gets out of control, it’s time to look at these items and learn how to save money on energy. We hope this article helps you lower energy bills by identifying some of the energy vampires and providing ways to save money.

We all need electricity, but we don’t have to suffer from high electric bills.

1. Is Your Furnace an Energy Vampire?

When winter hits and the temperatures drop, your furnace gets a workout. This can drastically increase your electric bill, but there are ways to save money. The older the furnace the less efficient it is. Newer energy saving appliances use less electricity.

There is a high upfront cost of replacing your furnace, but you’ll save money in the long run. You should also have it inspected yearly to keep it working in top shape.

2. Lower Energy Costs with Solar

You don’t have a choice when it comes to how much you pay for electricity. The electric company raises the price, and you have to pay it. If you want to decrease your overall grid energy usage, then consider solar panels.

Quality solar panels from a company like Blue Raven drastically reduce your dependence on the electric company. You create your own energy for your home and only use grid energy when needed.

There are also government incentives and tax breaks for installing solar panels. You not only save money on power but the installation as well.

3. Washer and Dryer

If you have electric washers and dryers, then you spent a lot of money on both electricity and water. You can purchase energy efficient ones that use less of both. You can also save money by washing your clothes with cold water.

You don’t have the cost of warming the water from your water heater. Also, choose machines of the appropriate size. If you only do laundry for yourself, then you don’t need a large washer and dryer. The smaller the size, the less electricity it uses.

4. Use a Power Strip for Smaller Items

A home has many items that use electricity from computers and gaming systems to phone chargers and lamps. These items use electricity even when they are in rest mode, so the best way to save energy is to turn them off.

It’s not easy to turn off every appliance when you don’t need it, so use a power strip. Instead of turning off each item, simply turn off the power strip and them all turn off.

5. Use Smart Devices

Today’s smart devices help determine how much energy you use and regulate what’s needed and what isn’t. A smart thermostat can tell when you use the most electricity for the furnace or central air.

They can be set to automatically turn off lights after a certain time or instead of unplugging everything you can tell Amazon Alexa or Google to turn everything off. You will need to invest in smart plugs, but the cost is more than made up with savings over time.

Save Money on Electricity

Energy vampires drastically increase your overall electric bill, so it’s important to identify them and keep them under control.

If you want to learn more about energy vampires and how to save money, then explore our site.

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