What is Bryce Hall’s Net Worth?

The advent of the internet brought with it many advantages and opportunities. Among the most visible, even though generally considered trivial or sometimes irrelevant, is the rise of a new class of celebrities. This set of people owe their fame and fortune almost entirely to the presence of various video streaming platforms. Without discounting the hard work of some of these celebrities, it is fair to say they have famous social media apps and websites to thank for their success. The popular description of this crop as social media or internet personalities attests to this fact. This article takes a look at the wealth of Bryce Hall, one of the most popular internet celebrities.

Who is Bryce Hall?

Bryce Hall was born on the 14th of August 1999, In Ellicott City, Maryland. Not much is known about his family and childhood beyond the fact that his father was abusive and mostly absent. He was raised entirely by his mother, Lisa, with whom he’s incredibly close.

Bullied incessantly in his early teens, 15-year-old Bryce turned to live streaming on YouNow in a bid to make friends. This marked the start of his social media career. He’s known for posting pranks, challenges, and dance videos.

By the time Vine shut down in 2016 he had garnered a followership of 30,000 people. He started a YouTube channel in 2015 that now has over 3 million subscribers. The 2019 documentary ‘Jawline’ featured him along with other social media personalities. Since January 2020, Hall has been living, with five other internet celebrities, in Sway House where they create content for various social media platforms.

Today, Hall’s fans across all his social media platforms number more than 30 million!

Bryce Hall’s Net Worth

Bryce Hall’s net worth is a subject of debate as it has proved tricky to definitively ascertain the true numbers. Some sources report his net worth to be around $690,000 while other sources place the figure closer to two million dollars. However, a recent tweet had Bryce Hall claiming to be worth up to ten million dollars. So, what is Bryce Hall’s net worth?

Most internet personalities make the bulk of their money via a combination of advertisements on their various social media pages and endorsements resulting from the numerical strength of their fan base. Considering the fact that Hall is hugely popular on platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, it is reasonable to assume that he gets a significant amount of adverts and endorsements. Couple this with the income from events such as the celebrity boxing matches pitting YouTube stars against TikTok stars, in which Hall is expected to make five million dollars in addition to 4% of pay-per-view sales; his investments in several companies, his co-founding of the energy drink ‘Ani Energy’, and many other enterprises, and his claim of being worth ten million dollars would not seem too far from the truth.

Future of Bryce Hall

While the modern phenomenon that sees teenagers and young adults making a fortune by posting videos of their pranks and other activities on the internet is a surprising and even unbelievable one for many, the continuous spawning of such celebrities suggests that it is a reality that has come to stay, and Bryce Hall is still on the forefront of online celebrities making crossovers to other verticals like sports.

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