how rich is Bernd Bergmair?

Bernd Bermair Net Worth

how rich is Bernd Bergmair?

Who is Bernd Bermair, and what is his net worth? This is a mystery that has baffled people all over the world. Little is known about the private and highly elusive businessman except that he is co-owner of Mindgeek, a highly successful information technology company that is also the parent company to Pornhub, one of the most visited porn sites in the world. Investigation into Bernd Bermair has yielded little progress and there is even less information about him on the internet. It has however been established that he is an extremely wealthy man and his business portfolio and affiliations are the proof.

Born in Ansfelden, Austria in 1968, he attended high school and university in Linz. He furthered at the Chicago business school and went on to work for Goldman Sachs in New York, rising to the rank of partner. His career took him to London, Frankfurt, and London. He left all that behind to own and run the porn website Redtube which he later sold to Pornhub. Not much else is known about him because he has deliberately chosen to low profile life. Very uncharacteristic for someone of his financial caliber. His obvious flair for business can explain why he is a financial juggernaut and an alleged billionaire.

Pornography is a $97 billion industry with reach all over the globe. Bernd Bermair, as earlier stated is the majority owner of Mindgeek, the biggest porn company in the world, and Pornhub which is the tenth most site in the world. Also notable is that Mindgeek is the parent company to PornHub, RedTube, YouPorn, and other porn sites making it bigger and more successful than Netflix and Amazon combined. These companies reel in millions each year. Their services are available and highly demanded worldwide. In 2019, they generated over 42 billion views on their sites The average annual revenue is a whopping $325 million. Bernd Bermair net worth is allegedly at $2 billion.

Now one would ask, how do pornographic sites whose content that are freely accessible able to make the porn industry into a $97 billion industry and also make Bernd Bermair a billionaire? It is quite simple really. Advertisements. These porn sites generate insane traffic so marketers and businesses pay them millions of dollars to advertise their products on their sites. Consumers visit for free porn and are inevitably bombarded with ads they have to watch before they can watch their videos. Businesses use the traffic to create awareness and visibility of their products and services.

It also works the other way around. Some people do not care for the plethora of ads they have to sit through to get to their videos. Thus, Visitors who want ad-free access to videos will be charged a fee or required to make a subscription. Once they pay, they are free to navigate, unfettered, through these sites. It is quite a nifty strategy. Those who can wait, do so while those who can pay their way through.

Bernd Bermair is truly a financially successful anomaly as far being elusive is concerned but with the knowledge of how the industry he champions operates, it is no wonder that he is a billionaire.


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