Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Net Worth

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Net Worth – Best UFC Fighter of All Time

Khabib Nurmagomedov, a professional mixed martial artist from Russia, is arguably the greatest fighter to compete in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2022, Khabib started his UFC career in 2012 with a win over Kamal Shalorus. Having never lost a single competitive fight in his competitive career, Khabib retired on 19th March 2021 with a 29-0 record.

The best UFC fighter of all time held the UFC Lightweight Title from April 2018 to March 2021 and became the longest-reigning UFC Lightweight Champion of all time. Over his career that lasted almost a decade, Khabib has made millions from his fights and is one of the highest mixed martial artists that have ever graced the sport, standing only behind Connor McGregor when it comes to net worth. So, what is Khabib Nurmagomedov’s net worth?

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Net Worth

What is Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Net Worth?

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s net worth is an estimated $40 million. This net worth is not solely based on his career earnings. He is one of the most popular martial artists of all time and has signed a number of endorsement deals with brands like Reebok and Toyota, which have earned him a significant amount of money.

Coming from a humble background, Khabib began his career earning only $32,000 per fight. His earnings began increasing as he gained more popularity and became one of the best inside the octagon. Following his fight with Rafael dos Anjos, Khabib took him $64,000, which included his $32,000 match fee and a $32,000 win bonus.

After his win against Darrell Horcher, he made a whopping $135,000, which can be broken down into a $65,000 math fee, a $65,000 win bonus, and a $5,000 promotional bonus. The same year, Nurmagomedov made $170,000 at UFC 205 when he took down Michael Johnson.

His pay checks only increased as he took down one superstar after another. After defeating Iaquinta in 2018, Khabib earned over half a million dollars. At UFC 229, when he took down McGregor, Khabib made $2.04 million but had to surrender $500,000 as a fine following his post-game antics.

In 2019, when Khabib dusted Dustin Poirier, he got the biggest pay check of his career, ending the fight with a $6 million payout, along with a $90,000 bonus. In his last career bout, when he defeated Justin Gaethje, Khabib earned north of $6 million. However, many sources claim that the payout was much bigger than what was disclosed.

Khabib’s net worth is not solely based on his career earnings; he earns millions from his sponsorship deals with brands like Gorilla Energy, Toyota, Reebok, and SlamPay. Furthermore, Khabib is the co-founder of Eagles MMA, a martial arts center, and earns a lot of money from his mixed martial arts classes.

Khabib’s Illustrious Career

Born in Dagestan, USSR (now Russia), Khabib grew up fighting bears and was nurtured by the wild, which molded him into the fighter he became during his career. He caught the eyes of promoters and coaches following his early career wins in the CSFU: Champions League, Pankration Atrium Cup 1, Tsumate Fighting Championship, M-1, and Golden Fist Russia.

In 2009, Khabib won the Russian Combat Sambo Championship. During the same year, he also won the World Combat Sambo Championship before doing the double in 2010 and winning his second gold medal at WCSF.

Over his 9-year career in the UFC, Khabib has taken on and defeated almost all of the top-ranked fighters in the UFC. Starting from Iaquinta and going all the way to Poirier and Gaethje.

His most famous career bout came against Connor McGregor in 2019, when he defended his UFC Lightweight Title at UFC 229 on 6th October 2018. In the fight, Khabib lost his first-ever round in his UFC career before defeating McGregor via submission in the fourth round of the matchup. The fight between Khabib and McGregor was full of controversy, with McGregor attacking Khabib’s team bus before the match and trying to rile him up in every possible way.

Following the fight, Khabib jumped out of the Octagon and tried to attack Mcgregor’s entourage, which earned a half-million dollars in fines.

In 2019, Khabib defended his title for the second time against Dustin Poirier, whom he defeated using a rear-naked choke submission. At UFC 254, Khabib took to the octagon for the last time ever and took down Justin Gaethje with a triangle choke. After the fight, Khabib announced his retirement from MMA because he didn’t want to come into the octagon without his late father, who had succumbed to COVID in 2020.

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