Eboys on Social Media – How They Use Platforms Like TikTok and Instagram to Build Their Audiences

TikTok is a vertical video platform that focuses on music and lip-syncing. It’s one of the most popular teen apps with a cult following.

Instagram has more content formats like photos, reels and stories. But managing all of them can make it challenging to optimize ads and content for the best results.

How They Use TikTok

To stay in the limelight, brands must publish trendy content. They need to consider the current music, dance, lifestyle and viral style trends to produce videos that will appeal to TikTok users. The platform offers many options for businesses to experiment with and find the perfect mix. For example, a cosmetic company could use a video demonstrating how to make whipped coffee or share a routine skincare tip with its followers.

Similarly, a fashion retailer can run a challenge that asks its viewers to create a video showcasing their best outfit with the hashtag #ZStyleNow. This social media campaign can encourage fans to interact with the brand, an important element in building trust. Using the popular eboy on tiktok for your business is also a good idea, as they already have a large fan base and can help you get more exposure.

In addition, the platform has an advantage over other social media platforms in that it enables brands to add Calls to Action (CTAs) to its videos. This helps in attracting more views and customers to the website. For this reason, eCommerce brands should consider integrating TikTok into their marketing strategies sooner rather than later. Moreover, this platform can be more effective than a traditional email strategy for reaching Gen Z.

How They Use Instagram

Many brands need to be made aware that TikTok’s audience is too young for them, especially in the B2B world. However, that’s not true — budget airline Ryanair, for example, has 1.5 million followers on TikTok and over 1 million on Instagram. By leveraging the benefits of both platforms and using each to promote one another, they can build their audiences on both platforms simultaneously.

Another benefit of TikTok is its community engagement features like stitches, duets and replying to a comment with a video, which can increase brand awareness and drive more traffic to their website. These features also allow for a more raw production style, which can create perceived intimacy with the audience.

On the other hand, Instagram is known for its more curated content and higher-quality images. But the platform should be addressed. By creating a strong presence on both media, marketers can attract a larger audience with engaging content and convert them into paying customers. To do this, they can show their Instagram Reels, IGTV videos or static feed posts on their TikTok accounts to drive traffic back to their websites.

How They Promote Their Videos

TikTok is known for bite-sized, entertaining video content, while Instagram is recognized for more static images. However, IGTV videos appear four times more frequently on Instagram’s Explore than photos, which means that brands can still see a lot of success by incorporating videos into their influencer strategies for both platforms.

TikTok users can create unique content using various features, including filters, effects and music. The platform also allows creators to collaborate on content with other users through stitches and duets. 

For example, he has created several TikToks where he gives away free product samples. This is a great way to promote his brand and build a community.

Some marketers may hesitate to work with influencers on Tiktok, believing that its young audience is not the right fit for their business. But the platform is rapidly expanding and has already begun creeping into Instagram’s reach. As a result, B2B businesses should start exploring their opportunities now.

How They Build Their Audience

A key factor in TikTok’s popularity is the platform’s community engagement. Its features, like stitches and duets, allow users to interact with content, share their experience and build a sense of shared community. In contrast, Instagram’s algorithm is based on how you engage with your feed, the people you follow and the videos you watch.

The rise of TikTok is a great opportunity for marketers, especially those focused on building brand awareness. But it’s important to think strategically and understand your audience. While the platform is often associated with Gen Z and millennials, its users are aging fast. The best strategy may be to leverage TikTok alongside Instagram, tapping into the broader influencer audience and ensuring a holistic reach. Then, you can create content that feels less manufactured and more authentic.

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