Stocks to Keep an Eye on in 2020

With around eight months of the year already gone, 2020 already ranks up there with some of the most volatile years in living memory. What started with news of a virus with pandemic potential in far-flung places in Asia quickly transformed into one of the most serious public health crises that we have ever seen. But the crisis was not restricted to the public health arena – with production and consumption at record lows, the business and investment world has been hit hard.

Investing in stocks at the moment is a risky business, but if you get it right, you could see some significant profits in a short time. To help you take advantage of market volatility, here are a few stocks to keep an eye on in what remains of the year.

  1. Blue Apron Holdings Inc.

Blue Apron is a company that specializes in meal-prep kits. Given that so many of us are being forced to rediscover our skills in the kitchen as we socially distance at home, meal-prep kits could be set to take off in a big way. Since the beginning of March when the lockdown was imposed, the price of Blue Apron Stocks has risen precipitously from $2 to almost $15 and could be set to shoot up further.

  1. Chegg Inc.

Education has been hit especially hard by the closing of schools around the world. The only education companies that have seen their stock rise during this time have been those that occupy the digital learning market. 

One of these companies is Chegg Inc, which specializes in e-education. With so many people looking to improve their skills and knowledge by taking online courses at the moment, the company could see a stock price that has already risen from $44 to $78 since May and may rise further still.

  1. Infosys Limited American Depositary Shares

For companies like Infosys which are involved in digital remote-work platforms for businesses, the pandemic seems to have fallen directly into their lap. The Bangalore-based company has seen its share price rise from the mid-$10 range to above $12 dollars, and with so many more businesses allowing their employees to work from home, we would not bet against a major breakout in the near future. 

  1. Apple Inc. 

The US technology giant Apple has seen its shares bounce back strongly since the market crashed in March. Since then, it has risen steadily, and given the fact that mobile devices are seeing even more use than normal, we should see share prices continue to rise. This is especially true since Apple is one of the world leaders in devices and programs for e-education.

When it comes to stock trading, market volatility brings great opportunity. If you manage to correctly read the direction of business trends, you can make a serious profit at times like these. The four stocks mentioned above represent sound investment opportunities, but make sure to always do your own research before investing hard-earned funds in any company.

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