some of the top finance leaders in the world

The Top Finance Leaders in The World

Financial leadership is not just a quality possessed by the top finance leaders in the world, but it is also one of the most important qualities to possess in today’s competitive business world. It is a quality that will help your business not only survive, but also thrive in today’s business world.

This quality can be developed from personal experiences, or it can be learned by delving into the minds of the top leaders in finance today by reading their publications and studying their business strategies. 

There are several top-notch minds among the finance leaders in the world today whose strategies should be studied and implemented by every business-oriented person. These minds do not only belong to the CEOs and hedge fund managers, heads of nations and other political personnel also have a great pull in the finance world. 

some of the top finance leaders in the world

Vladimir Putin

There is a reason why Forbes has named the leader of the Russian Federation as the most powerful man in the world for consecutive years and it is not very difficult to see why. Vladimir Putin has an incredible economic and financial pull, more than enough to make him one of the greatest finance leaders. As an example of his display of power, he seized Crimea from Ukraine and aided the Syrians in their quest to free themselves from Isis. 

Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel has the title of the Chancellor of Germany which is Europe’s biggest economy, and the fourth-largest in the world. She was responsible for resolving financial issues between Greece and the Troika. Furthermore, she is also responsible for creating the common ground for the Brexit negotiations. This, and many other qualities have enabled her to retain her position as the chancellor of Germany, and one of the world’s most notable leaders in finance, even amidst criticism for her position on Europe’s refugee crisis.

Jiang Jianqing

At 62 years of age, Jian Jianqing was the chairman and executive director of the industrial and commercial bank of China from 2005-2016. The bank stands as the world’s largest commercial bank with an asset of $4.324 trillion. 

Before taking over as the chairman of the bank, the institution was almost insolvent, but after he became chairman, the bank generated $45 billion annual profit. A year before the end of his tenure as chairman, Jiang Jianqing became the first Chinese banker to serve as co-chairman of the annual World. 

Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen is the United States Secretary of the Treasury, and the first woman to hold the position of chair of the board of governors of the federal reserve. Her position makes her the guardian of the US economy (the largest in the world), and so far, she has done an excellent job. 

Her position also comes with the responsibility of decisions that have prominent effects on the economy of the country and the world. Janet Yellen is an academic economist who strongly believes in low interest rates and high employment rates. Before 2016 ran out, the US lowered unemployment by 5% by creating about 271,000 jobs in October 2016.

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