7 Ways to Lower Your Property Tax Bill

The main purpose of your property tax is to fund various agencies and infrastructure in your local government. Perhaps you’re finding ways to save thousands or hundreds annually on your property tax bill; take note of these suggestions. 

Taking this step will help you know the steps involved when appealing a property tax bill. You’re expected to submit a form at the local government office. Make sure that you adhere to the instructions as you fill the form. More so, enter all your information correctly and double-check for errors. 

Relying on professional services when appealing or protesting your tax is the key to having a successful outcome. 

  • Check your property tax bill

Anyone can get a copy of their tax card from the local government office. Take an objective look at yours to detect mistakes that can make you overpay. The next thing is to ask for a reevaluation or correction if you detect any. 

  • Explore your home with the assessor 

Walkthrough your home with the assessor whenever they come around. This is because they may focus on major home improvement projects while ignoring the problems areas. Exploring your home with them will ensure that they don’t miss the latter. 

Taking this approach will make it easier to determine the real value of your property. 

  • Compare the value of other homes 

Conducting proper research can reveal some discrepancies in your property tax. There is no need to ask your neighbors for their property tax bills. Information like this is available to the public, and you can get it online hassle-free. 

Compare your home with similar ones in your location to ascertain if you’re paying a fair tax. 

  • Reduce home improvement projects 

Your property tax is bound to increase as the value of your property increases. If you’re planning to launch several home improvement projects in the coming year, try to limit them to a few. Better still, focus on some minor projects such as replacing hardware, painting your home, and thorough cleaning. 

  • Check tax exemptions 

Tax exemptions can help you to lower your property tax. Each taxing district usually offers offer tax exemptions to citizens. However, you may not know until you do your due diligence. Find out if you qualify for it within your district. It’s possible to qualify even if you’re not a veteran or senior. Check with Cardinal Point for other tax exemptions/implications if you’re interested in cross-country infor.

  • Work with a professional 

A property tax expert will ensure that you meet all deadlines and steer clear of common pitfalls as you work on lowering your property tax. The bottom line is to shop around and compare different service providers. Besides, finding out their success rate is of utmost importance. 

Carrying out an independent appraisal can attract an extra cost but offers a smart way to save money for the next few years. Opt for this option if you can afford it

You can also apply for Indiana property tax relief but confirm that you’re eligible for it before taking this step. In case none of the suggestions above work for you, the best thing is to file a tax appeal with the help of a property tax advocate. 

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